Mixed Tour 2

Mixed Tour 2 was a wonderful, windy weekend in Nottingham. ABH A won 5 out of 6 games - with some fantastic upwind play - to take 15th place. ABH B had 4 victories (including one sudden death and one bagel!) for 42nd place.

Mara - 15 Apr 2014
A Battle of Wits

The competition off the pitch is fierce, as ABH challenges rival London teams to the Ultimate Pub Quiz Showdown. So far, we have come away with 1 win, 2 loses and a bottle of wine. More Pub Quiz nights to come - do you have what it takes to bring home the glory?

Mike - 11 Apr 2014
Mixed Tour 1

Mixed Tour 1 returned to Cardiff on a glorious sunny weekend. ABH A finished 25th, and ABH B finished 39th. Shout out to MVPs Phil and Sarah.

Craig - 31 Mar 2014
Happy New Year!

2014 has started off well with a mini-tournament in Hyde Park and our annual White Elephant swap-your-worst-Christmas-present exchange, which included lots of rubber ducks and a “special Santa” costume.

Mike - 11 Jan 2014
Club Practices

ABH practices on Sundays in Hyde Park, London. If you are looking for a Mixed or Open Club to train with, then check out our calendar for times and dates. Please bring boots, water, a disc, and a light and dark top.

Mara - 9 Jan 2014
Mixed Indoors

When it’s cold and rainy outside… Indoors is the place to play Ultimate! ABH finished 9th and 2nd at the first two London Mixed Indoor Winter League events. Now we’re looking forwards to Indoor Regionals.

Rupert - 23 Dec 2013
Mixed Nationals 2013

Competition for places in Mixed Nationals was intense this year, with spots at Europeans and Worlds available, but a strong Tour season meant that ABH bagged a spot. We knew playing some of the top teams would be difficult, but games were hard-fought and we put in lots of points despite all the rain and strong cross winds. After a gritty sudden-death loss to JR, ABH finished 8th.

Craig - 29 Aug 2013
Summer League 2013

This year, both ABH North and ABH South fought to hold their position in Division 2. Then, in everyone’s favourite annual epic match, ABH North met ABH South in their final game. Following predictions that “the South would rise again”, ABH S won the match 15-10.

Mara - 8 Aug 2013
Open Tour

In an increasingly competitive Open Tour (with over 70 teams participating in 2013), ABH finished 27th overall, with some awesome wins in some great, and some not-so-great, British summer weather.

Mara - 1 Aug 2013
Summer Nights

Those long summer nights are perfect for Summer League... and for more ABH socials including picnicking in the park, concerts and hot tub cinema parties.

Mara - 21 July 2013
Copa del Soul - Iron Man style!

After a few injuries, ABH went up for the Copa del Soul beach tournament - Iron Man style! Who needs subs on the beach? We had a great weekend, placing 9th out of 32 teams, with 7 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, and Skegness's best Port.

Mike - 18 Jun 2013

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