Club Practices

ABH practises on Sundays. If you are looking for a Mixed or Open Club to train with, come and check us out! See our calendar for times, dates and locations. Please bring boots, water, a disc, and a light and dark top.

Mara - 1 Oct 2014
End-of-Season Awards

Congratuations to everyone at the End-of-Season Party, and huge thanks to captains Mary, Craig and James! Looking forwards to next season already!

Mara - 15 Sept 2014
5th Place at Mixed Nationals

ABH travelled back to Southampton for Mixed Nationals 2014, our third consecutive Nationals appearance! While we had a shaky start on Saturday, after a Thai food resurgence, ABH won all games on Sunday to finish 5th place.

James - 26 Aug 2014
Summer League

There was much excitement after both ABH North and ABH South rose to the top of Division 2 early in the summer. However, both teams had some late losses, and everything came down to the annual North vs South grudge match! ABH South won the game by just enough points to win the Division in a three-way-tie.

Mara - 9 Aug 2014
Open Tour 3

With the season drawing to a close it was a slightly short-handed team that made it down to Cardiff for this season’s first experience of B Tour play. We went 3 and 3, including a sudden-death win against Pingu Jam and a final victory against local rival Camden Ultimate, to end with an odd-numbered B Tour finish!

James - 14 July 2014
2014 Beach Nationals

With just one intrepid sub, ABH still looked great at the UK’s first ever Beach Nationals in Bournemouth. The team finished 11th overall, and there was plenty of time for ice cream!

Mara - 30 June 2014
Open Tour 2

The sun continued in a bizarrely sunny still Nottingham. We pushed past Devon and St Albans to the C Tour final against The Brown. While our impressive D continued, the offensive reliability wasn’t quite there and our chance to grow the ABH trophy cabinet was sadly denied; nevertheless, the well-deserved promotion to B Tour was secured.

James - 23 June 2014
Summertime is here!

It’s summertime, and that means lots of Ultimate and pick-up games and Summer League... and also some great summer socials, from BBQs and picnics to disc golf championships, country walks, concerts and a Ceilidh! Lots of fun for those long summer nights.

Mara - 15 June 2014
Open Tour 1

ABH started strong on Saturday, winning 4 of 4 games. Sunday saw another 2 wins (and 1 loss) to take 5th place. The sideline was full of some familar faces who drove up to St Albans to support us!

Mara - 2 June 2014
Mixed Tour 3

ABH A win in sudden death vs Brighton to take 25th. ABH B finish with victory over Flump for 41st place. Both squads 4 of 6 wins this weekend. Very windy weekend with lots of zone, making Rupert very happy!

Mara - 12 May 2014
Mixed Tour 2

Mixed Tour 2 was a wonderful, windy weekend in Nottingham. ABH A won 5 out of 6 games - with some fantastic upwind play - to take 15th place. ABH B had 4 victories (including one sudden death and one bagel!) for 42nd place.

Mara - 15 Apr 2014
A Battle of Wits

The competition off the pitch is fierce, as ABH challenges rival London teams to the Ultimate Pub Quiz Showdown. So far, we have come away with 1 win, 2 loses and a bottle of wine. More Pub Quiz nights to come - do you have what it takes to bring home the glory?

Mike - 11 Apr 2014

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